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Coatings & Anti Corrosion Engineering Review is the first and exclusive magazine encompassing the paints, coatings and anti corrosion industry in India and the region. The magazine is directed at industry personnel concerned with the development, manufacture, use and trade looking for credible information about the industry, its products, and manufacturers, as well as the latest news on the global market and in-depth features on all aspects of the business.

Each issue is well researched and contain a wide range of content like technical features; health, safety and environmental issues concerning the anti-corrosion industry; educational workshops; personalities; company profiles; industry news, updates and surveys; events, exhibitions and conferences news and updates; photo essays; information on standards and norms; situations vacant and wanted; new methods, materials and software, new developments in research and industry; as well as the latest products, equipment and processes.

Besides an extremely high proportion of personally addressed copies, the magazine is distributed at various national and international trade shows not only in India, but also the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. With the launch of our e-magazine, the geographical barriers, which at times restrict the reach of the print edition is also breached, thereby ensuring that the magazine has a worldwide reach.