Blasting Equipments

We have a comprehensive range of blasting equipments to cater the needs of sandblasting industry. It is available as either stand alone
units or as complete systems. Each blast pot is manufactured to be fit for purpose and as per the specifications.


Abrasive Sand Blasting Machines

Abradant offer a range of portable blasting machines able to cope with virtually all types of blasting environment.


ASME ‘U’ Certified Abrasive Blast Machine

Abradant Abrasive Blast Machines are fabricated by Jolly Industries in accordance with ASMe pressure vessel code


ASME ‘U’ Certified Air Receiver

Material of construction in ASME SA510 Gr.70 Boiler and Pressure Vessel class Carbon Steel Plate.


Air Receiver

Tank type air receiver or manifolds provide multiple air outlets with ball valve controls.


Air Cooled After Coolers

Air cooled compressed air aftercoolers cools the compressed air with atmospheric air.


Ventilation Systems

Venturi Air Blowers for ventilation and to cool down machinery or workers.


Blast System Package

Blast machine with FSV metering valve, pneumatic remote control system with deadman handle.


Blast Hoses

A long-lasting heavy-duty hose exceptionally tough and abrasion resistant, for use in sand and steel blasting service.


Air Hoses

When it comes to conveying air to the workplace consider quality airlines for Safety, Economy and Long Life.



Air cooled compressed air after coolers cools the compressed air with atmospheric air


Nozzle Holders

A lightweight receptacle for your nozzle. Lighter weight than metal nozzle holders, large thread for easy replacement.


Internal Air Hose Coupling

Abradant offers 2-lug fittings to fit 1/2, 3/4″ and 1″ I.D. air hose and 4-lug fittings for 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ and 2″ I.D. air hose.


End Hose Coupling

The ME Series of air hose fittings are used to adapt metal pipe on your equipment to accept 2-lug and 4-lug air hose fittings.


Long Venturi Nozzles


With all the excellent durability and wear resistance properties of aluminium jacketed nozzles, the tungsten carbide liner is encased in a soft nylon jacket which absorbs shock, reducing the threat of premature failure from liner damage. The silicon carbide liner in these lightweight nozzles offer improved wear resistance and therefore a longer life than tungsten carbide equivalents. The soft nylon outer jacket absorbs shocks and therefore protects the liner against cracking.


Moisture Separators

For Heavy duty application with minimum pressure drop requirements, installs at blast machine inlet, supplied…

with 40 micron polypropylene or brass element with manual drain. Female threaded ports from ½”, 1”, 1¼” and 1½”.

General purpose filters are used in compressed air systems to remove liquids and solid particles from the compressed air. Standard features with 5 micron brass element and manual drain.


Remote Control Systems & Handle

We offer remote control valves for all our machines, which allows for one man operation.

How the pneumatic remote control system works

The remote control enable the operator to start or interrupt blasting from a remote position and is a saftey equipment to prevent accidents.The pneumatic remote controls consist of a remote control valve RM-100 or RM-50, a deadman handle and a twinline hose. The red remote control hose guides compressed air from the remote control valve to the deadman handle. When the deadman handle is depressed, the air passes from the red to the blue hose and is guided back to the remote control valve. The pot is pressurized and the blast process starts. When the deadman handle is released, the blast process stops


Coalescent Filter

Coalescing Oil Removal Filter
High efficiency coalescing filters removing liquid water and oil aerosal to 0.01 mg/m(0.01 ppm) and particles down to 0.01 microns.


Abrasive Metering Valves

A full selection of abrasives metering valves including Flat Sand Valve, Micro Valve, Steel Grit Valve, Abrasive Membrane Valve, Thompson Valve.


Blast Hose Couplings

A full range of quality couplings to suit our range of shotblast hose products. Quick Couplings for fast safe coupling of hoses. All couplings with interconnecting locking lugs adapt to any size available in Cast Iron and Nylon.


Interlocking Couplings

Oil Resistant Washers, Precise Casting
Superior Sealing Action, Complete Interchangeability


Internal Pipe Cleaning Equipment

Internal Pipe Blasting Equipment
Abradant offers different type of Internal Pipe blasting equipment for 3/4″ to 36″ Dia. pipes.


Fittings & Spares

Abradant can offer you the complete range of fittings and spares of machineries we supply.


Short Venturi Nozzles

Short Venturi – 1¼” entry, 50 mm thread

The reduced length of these nozzles makes them ideal for areas where access is limited. 1 ¼” (32mm) wide throat entry, long venturi, Tungsten Carbide inner, Aluminium jacket and thread Wide pattern, nozzle ideal for light whip blasting.


Steel Grit Valve

Steel grit valve regulates abrasive flow to ensure that your machine is running economically and is designed for the precise metering of abrasive into the compressed air flow at the outlet of a blast machine.


BTV Valve

BTV valve is a normally closed abrasive metering valve requiring air supply to open it, thus permitting abrasive flow. It is utilized in pressure hold applications where quick on/off blasting is essential. This valve designed for use with an abrasive cut off switch which allows for blow down capability and is available with either Urethane or Tungsten Carbide sleeve.


Flat Abrasive Valve

Manufactured from high quality non corrosive alloy, this valve is recommended for use with non metallic abrasives. Precise abrasive flow can be easily controlled by two stainless steel discs, one stationary and other one rotates to any aperture opening available in 1-1/4” and 1/2” sizes.



These are simple and reliable abrasive metering valves with precise screw adjustments with long life.


Garnet Valve

Fixed orifice abrasive metering valve, specifically designed for use with garnet. A urethane insert within the center of the valve is featured to provide accurate garnet metering and consistent flow.


Blast Nozzles

Venturi blast cleaning nozzles are available with a choice of liners and in a wide range of styles, sizes and lengths to suit all applications.

Most are available with either a 32 mm diameter or 25 mm entry. Customers can also specify the size of locating threads; either fine thread (11.5 tpi) or the more popular large thread (50 mm), which provides easier location/removal from a nozzle holder. To ensure optimum life, all nozzles should always be used with the appropriate nozzle gasket.


Angled Nozzles

‘Angled’ tungsten carbide blast nozzles are ideal for cleaning inaccessible areas (e.g. pipe internals, behind angles) and are available with

one, two or three outlets, each in a range of bore sizes. The aluminium jacket protects the liner from ricochet damage.

50mm (2″ UNC) Contract thread
1 3/4″ (20mm) wide throat entry, 80mm long
45º single or triple (equi-spaced) side outlets
Tungsten Carbide inner