SA Glass Grit glass abrasive is clean, high quality, close graded, made from 100% recycled glass. This is an inert abrasive which is suitable as a substitute of garnet and other abrasives. SA Glass Grit abrasive contains less than 1% free silica, no heavy metals which is a significant factor in situations where the use of other abrasives is not acceptable for environmental or safety reasons. SA Glass Grit abrasive is great for blasting projects where it is impractical to recover lost or spilled spent abrasive, because it is more aggressive, it is able to remove corrosion and tougher coatings that other media cannot, such as thick and rubbery elastomeric coatings. The product is then sized and screened to the exact specifications needed for various abrasive blasting needs. Bottle or Tri-Mix Glass is chemically known as “Amorphous Silica”. It has virtually no crystalline-silica which is commonly found in sand. Crystalline Silica is the leading cause of Silicosis.

SA Glass Grit glass abrasive has less embedments so it leaves a brighter surface after cleaning. SA Glass Grit abrasive has excellent cutting power on most coatings and rusted surfaces and delays rust back because of the alkalinity of the crushed glass. Glass blasting is very economical and Eco-friendly and safer for different uses, which are available in a variety of grit sizes, and through a wide variety of grades, can achieve all type of profiles.

Benefits of SA Glass Grit Blast Abrasive:

  • 100% recycled bottle glass – It is a GREEN abrasive! 100% recycled glass and Eco-Friendly.
  • Glass Blast will leave a clean, bright finish to metal surfaces
  • Excellent for achieving an aggressive profile for coatings, including cathodic protection and overlay performance
  • Efficiently Cleans steel, wood, concrete, stone, fiberglass
  • SAFE – no free silica, is chemically inert and non-toxic.
  • Inert – can use it around water.
  • Superior rust-back performance when compared with mineral/slag abrasives.
  • Great for thick, softer coatings because it is a lighter weight abrasive. It does not “bounce” back off the surface. It cuts it like a knife.
  • The manufacturing process reduces the glass and strips the contaminants and waste by-products from the glass.
  • Extra coarse to ultra-fine grit sizes are available.
  • Use as a direct replacement for silica sand and slag media’s which could be deemed harmful to humans and the environment.
  • Lighter weight than most abrasives. Contractors report back that they use at least 25% less abrasive (some say up to 50% less) when using glass as compared to mineral slags.

SIZES                      (In Profile Range)

TURBO                   (55 – 75)

FINE                        (65 – 85)

STANDARD            (75 – 95)

COARSE                  (90 – 130)


25 kg paper bags on pallets of 1,000 kg, big bags of 1,500 kg.